Team Blaster Bios

Tony Gimmellie - Team Blaster Tony Gimmellie - Team Blaster

I was born in Cleveland Ohio, on July 8, 1972. I spent my time as a child playing sports and dreaming of becoming a Marine. Upon graduation of High school I decide to chase my dream. On Sept 23, 1991 I depart my home in Cleveland for Parris Island, SC and started what was to be 10 of the best years of my life.

I spent 10 years in the United States Marine Corps from September 1991 – July of 2001. I was Honorably Discharged in 2001. During my time in the Marine Corps I served as a Scout Sniper in two different Platoons. I was the Chief Scout in charge of training and marksmanship in both Platoon, I finished up as the Platoon Sergeant for my last Platoon. I spent 4 years in Marine Corps Security Force Battalion. The first year I was assigned to FAST Company (Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams) I was then offered a Instructor position teaching Close Quarters Battle. I served as a instructor for 3 years instructing Surgical Shooting, Explosive Breaching and Hostage Rescue Techniques. During my time in the Corps I was a 8th Award Rifle Expert and a 6th Award Pistol Expert.

While in the Corps I had the opportunity to be part of 3 test teams for gear and equipment.

  1. Testing and fielding of the M4 rifle for Close Quarters Battle applications. Testing included testing of ammunition, and accessories.
  2. R&D of the M40A3 sniper rifle currently in use by the Marine Corps today. Testing included testing of ammunition and different weapon configurations.
  3. Testing of the INOD – Integrated Night Optic Device.

I was at SOCOM for 2 weeks testing the use of a scope with a day and night channel used for military sniping operations.

I am currently work as a Federal Police Officer in Washington D.C.

Shooting sports I am involved in:

  • Precision Sniper Competitions
  • IR5050 Rimfire Matches
  • NRA Service Rifle
  • NRA F-Class
  • IDPA
  • 3 gun matches
Rob Ormond - Team Blaster Rob Ormond - Team Blaster

I grew up in a small town in southeastern Connecticut named Waterford. I attended Waterford High School where I was active in sports and was the captain of the football team. After graduating I went to Plymouth State College but left and joined the Marine Corps in 1986. I went to boot camp at Parris Island and ITS at Camp Pendleton prior to being stationed at Subic Naval Base in the Philippines with "A" Company Marine Barrack. After 18 months in the Philippines I returned to Camp Pendleton with "I" Co. 3/1 and then finally at Edson Range before being Honorably Discharged in 1990.

After leaving the Marine Corps I worked for the US Government as a Federal Police Officer at the US Naval Submarine Base in Groton, CT. I attended the academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, FLETC, in Glynco, GA where I was awarded class high shooter. During a reduction in force in 1995 I lost my job as a police officer due to cutbacks and I transferred to the Submarine Base Fire Department where I've worked since 1995 as a Firefighter/EMT-B/HazMat Technician. I have also been happily married to my lovely wife, Vivian, since 1998.

My interest in shooting started when I was young but my mother didn't allow guns in the house so I had to wait until I joined the Marine Corps, where I earned my Expert Badge, before being able to continue with my interests. After the Marine Corps I got into a few different shooting sports to include, IDPA, Pin Shooting and shooting tactical rifles after purchasing my first .308 in 1993. My current competition .308 is built off my original receiver. I didn't know about sniper matches that were open to civilians until 2003 when I attended my first match. After that I was hooked and compete as much as possible. I am also a member, Rob01, at many sites such as Snipers Hide, Sniper Country, Sniper Central,, and West Coast Tactical.

Kevin Drake - Team Blaster Kevin Drake - Team Blaster

I'm 33 years old, married to a beautiful woman, and father to an amazing son, and best friend to a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

After high school I managed to squeak out an AA in Criminal Justice and promptly entered the USMC. I served as an 0311 with Kilo 3/6 from '96 to mid '98 from where I went to 3/6 Scout/Sniper platoon until May of '00. It was here that I was teamed up with Gimmellie and as a two man team we were Blaster4 (Blaster being our platoon call sign and we were the 4th team) I was stationed at Camp Lejeune for my entire enlistment and was deployed overseas twice with the 24th MEU SOC and 22nd MEU SOC.

I shot NRA High Power Match Rifle and Service Rifle to fill the void after leaving the military but have recently started attending the long range "tactical/sniper" matches. I do shoot an occasional F-Class match to keep the rust off. To me these tactical matches serve not only as a chance to test my skills as a rifleman but also a place to gain knowledge from more experienced shooters.

I am currently employed as an Federal Police officer and work in Washington, D.C.

Frank Galli - Team Blaster Frank Galli - Team Blaster

I started my weapons training in the US Marine Corps. A 5th Award Expert with the M16A2, I graduated the USMC Scout Sniper School at Stone's Bay in 1986. Served as a member of the first Special Operations Capable Marine Expeditionary Unit, also as a member of MAGTF 2-88. I have participated in Operations Earnest Will and Praying Mantis as a Scout Sniper during my enlistment. Deployments include, Med Cruise, WestPac, as well time spend in the Persian Gulf. As a Marine I participated in CAX, been through the summer package at the Mountain Warfare Training Center, attended Amphibious Recon School in Little Creek Virginia, Forward Observer Course in Okinawa, and participated in Team Spirit in Korea.

For the past 6 years I have been working as an Adjunct Instructor at the Rifles Only Training Facility in South Texas. I have worked with members of the military, both foreign and domestic, government agencies, and select civilian courses. Currently I operate Sniper's Hide website and instruct independently both as requested as well as through our online training program.

A competitive shooter, I have shot in various tactical competitions around the country, as well I continually attend outside training at facilities like Thunder Ranch, and Gunsite to name a few.

A few of the competitions have shot in include:

  • The Allegheny Sniper Challenge, Matches #2 through #6
  • Storm Mountain Sniper Team Match
  • Badlands SniperQuest
  • Badlands 44 Hour Sniper Team Match
  • Spirit of America F Class
  • Carlos Hathcock Annual Match Cherry Ridge NJ
  • Tac Pro Shooting Center Sniper Matches
  • Sniper Paradise 24 Hour Even
  • Rifles Only Tactical Matches
  • Raton Sporting Rifle Matches
  • Colorado Rifle Club LRRC